Certificate Courses

Ulama Course

To raise the intellectual quality of scholars and preachers. To make them a best of jamia. Provide them with jamia official Certificate.

The course would be conducted as two levels.

  1. Fadili/ Aalimi
  2. Thakmeel

Course duration:  1 year (6+6)

Syllabus:- Aqeeda, Fiqh, Tafseer, Usoolul Hadees, Usoolul Fiqh, Arabic Grammar, Syntax, Arabic Morphology.


  • Diploma Course
  1. Online
  2. Offline
  3. Holiday Batch
  4. Evening Batch
  5. Vacation Batch
  6. Short term batch

Arabic language course/ Aqeedah/ Fiqh/ Usoolul Fiqh/ Usoolul Hadees

Scheme enabling the public to learn Arabic.

Two hours class in a week

Course duration: 1 Year

Fee: 5000/ year

Seat: above 30/ year


  • SDE

The Distance Education is an initiative for those who do not have the opportunity to take admission to regular courses. The course would consist of contact classes at the selected centers of Jamia, study materials and prescribed syllabus. Certificates issued by the Distance Education Department will be considered as Eligibility Certificates for regular courses at Jamia. 

School Of Quran

The school of quran is an immense initiative aimed at making the student Quran and languages available at a very early age. Admission is given to students of 1st grade. After five years of study at the local centre the School of Quran offers an overall 17years study environment at its residential campus through various stages such as Maád Kullia(College) and Thakassus(Specialisation).

Click here for details and admission: www.schoolofquran.in


Ma’ahadu Tahfilul Qur’an

A course aimed at memorizing the Qur’an with Thajweed. Along with memorizing the Qur’an the students memorize small texts (Mathn) of Aqueeda, Hadith. The student who passes out from the hifd course must complete at least 50 dowras. Regular schooling also provided.

Admission: 10-11 years old.



Certificate course aiming to learn basic knowledge in Quranic Science, Aqeeda, Fiqh and Arabic. Courses are open to all age group. 3 hour session per week. 465 students across 15centers in Kerala.



A Certificate course aimed at educating the general public on the Qur’an recitation and Thafseer.