Exclusive playgrounds for sports events and students are encouraged to take part in sports and games competition events.

Physical fitness is not only the most important key to a healthy body but also the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual abilities. We encourage mass participation towards physical activities, which enhance the overall cognitive abilities of the students.

Jamia Al-Hind provides an excellent infrastructure for physical activities of students. The management believes that academic excellence goes hand in hand with physical development. A well maintained playground serves as the principle venue for most of the sports events in college. 

Jamia Al Hind Mangement


The Department of Physical Education, Jamia Al-Hind is promoting Physical Education and sports on par with regular academics. The Institution has well recognized the value of sports and physical activities as a means of developing personality promoting social harmony and discipline. The Department provides ample opportunity to the students to utilize their leisure time with physical activities to reduce their stress and inculcate a lifetime physical activity behaviour in their day-to-day education system.