Maa'hadu lluga Al Arabiyya - Admission Started

The School aims to create scholars from the students who completed High school or higher secondary school. Course duration also vary depending on the qualification, for high school students course duration is 2 years and for higher secondary students course duration is 1 year.
Toatal no of seats per year is 90 and the syllabus is based on Jamia Islamiyya madeena university.

Sharaiya College (BA)

The Sharaiya College will be set up based on a syllabus is based on Jamia Islamiyya madeena university. The courses have been designed in a non-traditional way, with special emphasis on psychological approaches. Jamia specializes in imparting education utilizing the latest developments in information technology, under the guidance of skilled scholars and experienced teachers. Boys who have passedMaa'hadu lluga will be granted admission. They will be admitted after an interview, based on a common entrance test for those who register early and a 4-day residential camp. There will be free accommodation and food to all students.
Total duration is 3 years.

Kulliyathu Thaqassus (M A)- Admission Started -Fiqh

The Kulliyathu Thaqassus will be set up based on a syllabus is based on Jamia Islamiyya madeena university,Jamia Salafiyya Banaras,Jamia Al Islam Riyadh. The courses have been designed in a non-traditional way, with special emphasis on psychological approaches.

Branch Duration No Of Seats
Fiqh (Admission Started) 2 Years 30
Haddes (Course will start soon) 2 Years 30
Quran (Course will start soon) 2 Years 30
Aqeeda (Course will start soon) 2 Years 30
Luga (Course will start soon) 2 Years 30
1st Year 5000 Indian Rupee
2nd Year 7000 Indian Rupee
Interview Date: May 17,18

Al Hind Research Academy

This Academy aims to promote research of academic nature in various interdisiplinary topics related to islam and muslims. Oppertunities to publish articles an internationally acclaimed journals for students will be faciliated. Moreover, They will also have the privilege to meet and intract international scholars. Students with research aptitude will be given special coaching early on.

Institute of Islamic Studies

This Institute will provide basic Islamic knowledge in a scientific manner to all,Irrespective of age. Short-term and long-term course will be available, Course will also be conducted on regular/part time basis as well as holiday classes.A package will be offerd exclusively for expatriates.

International Residential School

The school aims to provide high quality education incorporating advanced methods of teaching with Islamic environment, as well as a focus on the acquirement of in-depth knowledge in the different fields of Islam.

Institute for Teachers Training

This institute equips Arabic language teachers to teach in schools, orphanages, hostels and Arabic colleges. The institute introduces innovative teaching methods and practices. We also provide special training to teachers of other institutes.

Centre for Foreign Languages

Centre for Foreign Languages will provide crucial contribution to the promotion of the study of languages. We implement our mission to improve the capacity of students to communicate in different languages, through intensive and modern strategic planning and development with globalized institutions. These programs will help in meeting increasing requirement for students with strong and broad foundation relevant to the changes in the age of information.

Institute for Islamic Home Sciences

This novel initiative aims at an education exclusively for girls that are essential to develop family and home life within an Islamic environment, taking into consideration today’s shifting culture of society. In-depth knowledge and training will be given in areas like the Islamic principles to be followed for a peaceful marriage life, family life, parenthood, tending the elderly etc. Training will be given in Qur’an, Aqeedah, Fiqh and Hadith

Finishing School

This school is aimed at those who missed out on a chance for religious education during their school years. The institute will provide courses ranging from one month to 40 days. This is an apt course for students who are done with their formal education and waiting results. This course provides basic Islamic education and Arabic, as well as guidance and perspective about life and career
This venture, which has been started as part of a great vision that aims at bringing Islamic knowledge of international standard to students, researchers, teachers, scholars as well as to common people, will open new vistas of possibilities for those in and around Kerala.
The people who pillar this vision are those who are strongly rooted in the ideology and principles of Islam and are beyond the narrow politics of sectarianism. Hence, we expect your sincere suggestions and heartfelt prayers for the success of this great mission.

School of Qur’an

This school aims to provide students within the age group of 5 to 10 an introductory awareness in various fields of Islamic knowledge. This school will function in selected places across in India and abroad. The classes will be held on Saturday, Sunday and other holidays. The method of teaching will solve the problems of the already existing Qur’an learning system. The school adopts continuous-centralized evaluation system. Special focus will be given for home schooling. Different projects for resolving educational disabilities will be provided.