Jamia – Inauguration of Academic Block

Jamia Al-Hind Islamiya

Inauguration of Academic Block

  • PK Kunjalikutty (Minister of Industry and IT)
  • Kuruvally Muhammed Moulavi
  • Abdul Haq Sullami
  • PN Adbul Latheef Madhni
  • Kunhi Muhammed Madhani

In connection with the Jamia Al Hind honours ceremony, the Academic Block was inaugurated grandly. Built on 10,000 square feet, with two floors, it has 11 classrooms. Ample parking space and a beautifully landscaped courtyard with lawn enhance the building. The academic block has been named the Umar bin Al Khattab Block.

Jamia Al-Hind

Inauguration of Academic Block

The inauguration held in the prescence of P.N Abdul Latheef Madani, Kunji Muhammad Madani Parapur, Faisal Moulavi Puthuparamba and Abdul Jabbar Moulavi was witnessed by Jamiah Al Hind students, employees and other like minded people, with hearts brimming with joy and prayers.

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